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Foreword Review:

I particularly like this Review, for it seems to me that the reviewer, Nancy Walker, had a hard time coping with many of the truths, especially with respect to Gandhi, that are brought up in my book—as would anyone who was unaware of the dark truth—and yet appreciated it. The reader now, fortunately, has my Gandhi Revealed article series which backs up with documentation all what I have written in Burning for Freedom. Read the articles here.

To clarify a point of hers: I have meticulously given even every minor variation and adaptation I had to make to write the novel since I do have a fictional element in the book (the main hero, Keshu, is fictional) and it is a story, after all..  It didn’t occur to me that it would get cast in the light of a “misrepresentation”—and had it occurred to me, I would still have done it. For I considered it essential and only fair to the reader (and me) to reveal the where fiction and fact merge or how I incorporated the fact into the story.  I stand behind my words that say the facts and information is true. Find my “Author’s Notes” here and judge for yourself.

And of course, I have used punctuations prolifically—something which is unforgivable in the accepted style of writing. However, while I obeyed the Gods of Punctuation and Grammar (much though I would have like to kick up a fuss sometimes) I was determined to be true to my style—even at the risk of offending critics. Read the review here.

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